booking confirmed – your Massage and or Reiki with Lavender Moon

What to expect next:

  1. You should receive a booking confirmation (appointment date & time etc) via email/& or text within 15 mins of booking.
  2. IMPORTANT – To save you time when you arrive for your appointment
    Can you please complete your Confidential Health form NOW by clicking here¬†“if you have already filled out your form previously, simply ignore this step

    About the health form:
    Please ensure you press the submit button at the end of the form when finished.
    The Health form is a mandatory Queensland Government regulation  but only needs filling out once (phew!)
    just tell us on each visit if something has changed with your health situation.

  3. We always send a booking reminder for your appointment the day before the actual booking.
  4. Remember, if you have a question contact us here

looking forward to seeing you at your next treatment appointment…..


Yvonne Jones
Lavender Moon Massage & Reiki
Peregian Beach