What To Expect At A Relaxing Massage

What to expect & 5 important things to take in when looking for the perfect relaxing massage

When you attend for your relaxation massage appointment at Lavender Moon massage in Peregian Beach, you should receive a warm welcome and enter an environment that is calming, caring and relaxing. Having a relaxing massage is more than just the actual treatment, its also about the experience you receive before, during and afterwards. All your senses should all be catered for during your massage experience your sight, sound, smell, touch and taste! Below is an insight of how your senses are taken into consideration during your relaxing massage.

Sight: The treatment room should be visually appealing to you; this will help you relax more quickly and feel at home from the moment you enter. There will be ambient lighting within the room including a Himalayan salt lamp which gives out a warm glow. The room lighting will subtly send you on your journey to destination relaxation.

Sound: There should be calming ambient music being played in the treatment room from the moment you walk in. Again, this is to put you at ease and help you to relax in order for you to enjoy your relaxing massage treatment. If you prefer not to have music playing, inform your therapist and it can be turned off. Or alternatively, if you would like another genre of music played again, inform your therapist and your choice of music can be used during the time of your treatment.

Smell: The treatment room will be filled with an aromatic scent which is designed to help you relax not just your body but your mind too. The calming oils used in the diffuser will permeate into the air so when you breathe them in, your brain will send signals to your muscles aiding with relaxation. Common aromatic essential oils used to induce relaxation are Lavender, Sandalwood, and Bergamot. The linen and towels used by the therapist should also smell fresh, clean and pleasant. This all enhances your relaxing massage experience.

Touch: The linen, towels, sheets and blankets used during your treatment should feel soft, clean and inviting. You should feel wonderfully comfortable when lying on the massage bed. The temperature of the room and your body will be taken into consideration during your treatment, being too hot or too cold during a treatment will not make for a good experience. Enjoying your relaxing massage experience is our priority.

Taste:  You will be offered a drink when you attend your appointment, its important to keep hydrated after your relaxing massage.  During the cooler months, your therapist will offer you a warm drink in the form of herbal tea, or water.

Lavender Moon massage & Reiki in Peregian Beach care about our clients and want to ensure their experience of having a relaxing massage in our therapy room is an experience to remember, not just a ‘massage’. We take into account client expectation and hope we can manage to deliver. We want our clients to feel cared for with our little touches that hopefully set us apart from others and the service we provide will feel timeless. Its all about our clients.

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