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Can a massage or does massage help with sleep?

If you have ever walked along Peregian Beach (or any beach for that matter) for any length of time then ended up sleeping well later that night. Its basically put down to a combination of things like “the sea air” and good old physical exercise, well…Massage is also used as a form of sleep therapy.

If you think about it, sleep is the most natural and slightly hypnotic state we achieve every day (unless you have insomnia obviously) massage is known to help people relax, aid pain relief and even stimulate hormones which are linked to sleep.

So at Lavender Moon Professional Massage, when we say a “relaxing massage”, we absolutely mean it! – that’s the end goal. That feeling of complete relaxation. It never fails to surprise clients when they fall asleep during a massage that it’s a completely natural process and an often integral part of treatment (for some)

After all, can you be any more relaxed than when you are asleep?

Ask any professional massage therapist here on the Sunshine Coast if combining, exercise and regular massage is the key to better (& longer) sleep patterns, then I’m sure they would all agree. Massage does, indeed aid sleep along with a nutritional, balanced diet and regular excercise.

If you would like to talk to Yvonne Jones from Lavender Moon about ways massage can help you sleep then contact us



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