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Looking for massage & Reiki in Peregian Beach, Peregian Springs, Coolum or the Noosa area?

Massage & Reiki services

swedish massage peregian beach noosa

The ultimate relaxing experience. Swedish Massage is ideal for beginners and massage regulars alike. Extremely low impact massage using long slow gliding strokes, squeezing, rolling, kneading and rhythmic tapping. Been one of those week? – try a Swedish massage, you wont be dissapointed!

head neck back foot massage peregian beach noosa

Who doesnt absolutely love a good head massage? So why not add in the whole package with this luxurious and stress busting massage combining a head massage, a neck massage, a relaxing back massage and then on to giving those tootsies some love. Everything you need for a total relaxation experience.

reflexology massage peregian beach at Lavender moon

Reflexology has been used for thousands of years and is proven to be a great stress buster, leaving you walking on clouds! – your feet, body & mind will thank you for it. Think of it as a foot rub to Nirvana. Super relaxing, One of those therapies if you have never experienced it, you just have to try.

mini pamper massage peregian beach sunshine coast

Choose a combination of any 2 massage and or Reiki therapies, the choice is yours. This Package is designed to promote a guilt free, self-indulgent relaxing experience. Which will you choose?

Duration: 1 hr (60 mins)
Choice of any 2 massage & or Reiki
Simply choose on the day!

stress buster massage sunshine coast

Choose a combination of any 3 massage and or Reiki therapies.It’s a well-known fact that massage can help towards improving your mood, insomnia and reduce muscle tension which relate to stress.

Duration: 1.5 hr (90 mins)
Choice of any 3 massage & or Reiki
Simply choose on the day!

Inner self wellness massage package Lavender moon

Choose a combination of any 4 massage and or Reiki therapies. Massage is an emotional experience as well as physical and this Inner Self and Wellness package will help towards improving your overall heath.

Duration: 2 hr (120 mins)
Choice of any 4 massage & or Reiki
Simply choose on the day!

reiki healing & treatment Peregian beach noosa

The ultimate in healing & a great way to increase those energy levels & remove emotional blockages. Reiki has been described as a “reset” for the body and mind and one of the best ways to some inner peace. If you haven’t tried it, your missing out.

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Lovely Hands, Very Relaxing – Thank you
A very relaxing technique
Great foot massage
Good relaxation massage.
Very relaxing – Thanks!
Great relaxing massage, Very good technique
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Lovely massage – Thank you
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Enjoyable and relaxing experience
Lovely Service
The Leg Queen! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
Knows her massage front to back!

Need more information on actually, what a massage actually entails?

Then read on…

According to some dictionaries – Massage means:
“the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands, especially to relieve tension or pain”

There are numerous types of massage which originate from Europe through to the Far East & concentrate on most parts of the body but especially the:

The Head
The Neck
The shoulders
The upper & lower arms
The torso
The chest
Upper & lower legs, thighs, feet and just about every muscle group you can think of.

Massage is the custom of rubbing, stroking, squeezing, pummelling & cupping the body. Through a massage, strong or gentle pressure will be applied by a professional massage therapist to joints and the muscles of the body to alleviate pain and tension.

Can a massage therapist be a man?
Answer: Yes both men and women often become professional massage therapists. The number one place to become qualified in massage therapy on the sunshine coast here in Australia is Q Academy in Maroochydore. Currently Lavender Moon have only female therapists.


So what kind of massage therapy may be right for you?

Here are most of the different types of massage.

Swedish massage peregian beach

The most common & popular type of massage. Swedish is a full-body massage that is ideal for people who are:

New to massage in general
Suffering from increased tension
Higher than normal stress levels
Just looking to relax more

Swedish massage can help release muscle knots, and it’s also a fantastic choice for those of you who just wish to relax, chill out and take some “me-time”

The Procedure

For Swedish massage, you will need to remove your clothes (leave your underwear on though). Whilst lying on a super comfortable massage table, you will be covered with a sheet. The massage therapist can move the sheet accordingly to discover areas which require massage techniques that need working on.

The massage may utilize a mix of:

Kneading & pummelling

Long slow strokes towards the heart

Deep circular motions

Vibration and tapping

Time frame: – Typically a Swedish massage may continue for 30–90 minutes.


Choose a Swedish massage if your number one “end goal” is for total relaxation or you are completely new to massage.

Hot Stone Massage (also known as Hot Rock therapy)

Hot stone massage is perfect for anyone who wishes to relax and is well suited to relieving muscle strain and anxiety. This sort of healing massage is somewhat like a Swedish massage, only the massage therapist uses heated Basalt stones (smooth stones that retain heat) along with their hands. Hot stone or Rock therapy as it is sometimes known is known to help relieve pain, improves blood flow, and eases muscle tension.

A Hot stone massage may help you if you need to:

Ease muscle tension

Improve blood circulation

Alleviate pain

Promote comfort

Relieve stress

The Hot Stone Treatment

Throughout a hot rock massage, heated & super smooth Basalt stones are used to create a more localised massage and are completely safe for all areas of the body.

Your massage therapist will hold a rock as they massage various parts of your body using Swedish massage techniques with gentle to a more firm pressure (at Lavender Moon massage, we will check in with you on just how much pressure you like)


Like Swedish massage, you will need to remove your clothes for this one also (leave your underwear on though). You’ll be covered with a sheet.


A Hot stone massage can help relieve more muscular strain than a Swedish massage due to the additional heat.

The massage will last for between 30-90 minutes.

Reflexology Massage peregian beach

Reflexology is best for men and women that are looking to unwind or revive their normal energy levels. Additionally, it is a good alternative if you aren’t comfortable being touched along the main parts of the body. Reflexology works on the principle that various parts of the feet, hands and ears represent other major organs within the body. Reflexology utilizes gentle to firm pressure on these areas:

the hands
the feet
the ears.

You can wear loose fitting clothing for Reflexology in most cases

A reflexology massage lasts for 30–60 minutes.


Reflexology focuses on stress points on your toes, hands, and ears.

If you’re uncomfortable with a full body massage, then this is a great option.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is most suitable for those who want to feel comfortable and alleviate tension, pain, and anxiety. It’s a Japanese type of massage that:

Promotes physical and psychological calm and comfort

Helps alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety

May alleviate headache

Reduces muscle strain

Shiatsu massage works the entire body, however, your therapist may concentrate on regions of the body that need attention. Your therapist may use palms, their hands, and pliers to massage points of the body. Pulsing or rhythmic pressure is utilized.

Shiatsu massages typically last 90 minutes.


Shiatsu is also a good alternative if you’re looking for a relaxing massage. It can help release minor tension.

You can be completely clothed during this sort of massage.

Thai table top relaxing massage peregian beach

Thai massage is most suitable for both men and women that wish to reduce and relieve stress and pain and would like a more energetic kind of massage. It may also help enhance:


Blood Flow

Energy levels

Helps to reduce toxins within the body

Our version of Thai massage at Lavender Moon massage works the whole body using a succession of movements that are similar to stretching. Your therapist may utilize their palms and fingers to use firm pressure. You may also be twisted and stretched into different positions. Don’t worry, all movements and stretching are continuously monitored by our therapists. They will always check in with you to see you are ok. And you can wear loose clothing throughout the Thai massage treatment.

Thai massage lasts for 30–90 minutes.


Thai massage is much more active than other forms of massage due top the stretching & pulling. However as we use a massage table rather than a mat (in normal Thai massage) its far more comfortable.

Pregnancy or Prenatal massage

Pregnancy massage can be a safe way for women to have a massage while pregnant. Additionally, it can help alleviate muscle strain, reduce stress, and lessen pregnancy body aches. It’s possible to get a massage at any given moment. However, many facilities do not offer massages to ladies in their first trimester as its not considered safe.

Prenatal massage employs gentle pressure very similar to massage. The therapist will concentrate on areas like hips, your spine, and legs. You can be completely or partly undressed depending on your comfort level. During the massage, then you’ll either lie on either side or on a desk with a cut out for your bub belly. BUT please – Always consult with your doctor before you have any kind of massage if you are pregnant.

This massage lasts typically for 30–45 minutes.


Prenatal massage can be a great option for pregnant ladies & great for moderate relief of tension & stress.

Couple’s massage peregian beach

This is a massage which you do with friend, your partner, or family member in exactly the identical room. It brings all of the benefits of the previous massages already mentioned. Often used in conjunction with pedicures, facials and aromatherapy (even Reiki)

The beauty of couples massage is you may select a different kind of massage. Your partner and you will be on super comfortable tables side-by-side, and you’ll each have your own massage therapist (in most cases).


A couple’s massage is a massage you have in a shared room with a friend, partner, spouse or relative.

You can choose from various kinds of massages to have during your consultation. Swedish and hot stone massages are often popular choices for couples massage.

Chair massage

A seat massage is best for men and women that want a massage which focuses in your neck and spine. A chair massage may also be a way to introduce one to massage in case you have never needed one before. Chair massage also helps to relieve stress and promote relaxation. This sort of massage uses light to medium pressure.

During the massage, you’ll stay fully clothed and sit in a specially designed seat. So that your chest faces or straddles the chair allowing the massage therapist to get access to the head, neck back and shoulders

These massages are generally 10–30 minutes.


A chair massage is a good alternative if you’re short on time.

If you’re new to massage this sort of massage is a fantastic option.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massages would be best for those that want an emotional healing component for their massage. This Kind of massage can help:

Boost your mood

Reduce stress and anxiety

Reduce symptoms of depression

Relieve muscle tension

Relieve pain

Aromatherapy massages combine soft, gentle stress with the usage of essential oils. You can let us know in case you have a preference, although your massage therapist will normally decide which oils to use. Essential oils have been diluted before being applied to the skin.

During the massage, you’ll be provided with a full-body massage whilst benefiting from inhaling the essential oils via a diffuser and massaging them through skin. An aromatherapy massage will only focus on shoulders, your back, and head. So you don’t need to wear any clothing for those areas.

An aromatherapy massage is 60–90 minutes.


Aromatherapy combines the gentle bits of massage with the inclusion of essential oils.

Obviously: Don’t choose this kind of massage in case you’re allergic to either the odour or essential oils in general.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage utilizes stress than a massage. When you have chronic muscle issues, such as nausea, trauma, or imbalance, it is a fantastic choice. It can help relieve chronic muscle fatigue, abdominal muscles, and nervousness.

Throughout a deep tissue massage, your massage therapist may utilize slow strokes and deep finger pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues. You can be naked during this massage or put on your underwear.

The massage will last for 60–90 minutes.

While deep tissue may be more extreme, you should not feel any soreness or pain.


Deep tissue massage is a great alternative if you’ve got a great deal of muscle strain or chronic pain.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a fantastic option when you’ve got a repetitive use injury to a muscle, from playing a game like what you may get. It’s also a good option if you’re prone to injuries since it may be employed to prevent sports injuries. You can use sports massage to boost flexibility and performance. Sports massage can be used to alleviate pain, nervousness, and muscle tension.

As a massage or the massage therapist will concentrate on the parts of the body which need the focus, A sports massage may be done. Pressure might be alternated with strokes based on your needs.

You may have a sports massage while clothed or naked. Make sure it loose, and permits the access to your muscles, In the event you prefer to wear clothing. Loose shorts and a tank top are options.

The massage will continue for 60–90 minutes.


Sports massage Peregian Beach is a good choice if you’ve got an injury from repetitive muscle usage.

This kind of massage can also help improve versatility and sports performance, and lower your risk for harm.

Trigger point massage

Trigger stage massage Peregian beach are best suited for men and women that have chronic pain, injuries, or a specific problem or condition. Regions of tightness in the muscle tissues, called trigger points, can lead to pain. Pain can be reduced by this kind of massage by focusing on relieving trigger points.

Trigger point massage uses broad, flowing strokes which are relaxing and mild together with pressure. However, your therapist will concentrate the massage to work in conjunction with problem areas of your body. You are able to wear lightweight clothing to your massage or be completely or partly undressed.

This sort of massage will last for 60–90 minutes.


Trigger point massage will be able to help you manage chronic pain.

Wear clothing for this sort of massage.

So there you have it, most of the popular types of massage services available throughout the world. At Lavender Moon massage Peregian Beach we dont provide all of them as we specilaise in the more relaxing types of massage, but never under estimate the power of a relaxed body and mind.

To your relaxation – which massage will you choose today?